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After Rio, who will host the next World Youth Day?

Where will the next international World Youth Day gathering be held after Rio de Janeiro?  Before the Holy Father will officially announce the next host city next year at the closing Mass in Brazil, I imagine that (arch)dioceses from all around the world must first submit a bid, I’m guessing, to the Pontifical Council for the Laity

According to the video in the post above, it seems that the front runner is Kraków, Poland.  This choice would have particular significance since it could coincide with the 10th anniversary of Bl. John Paul the Great’s death.  And it would make a fitting occasion to canonize our beloved Papa, the founder of World Youth Day. 

Other potential hosts include London, England; Seoul, South Korea; India; Honduras; Latvia; and Peru.

I’ve also heard some rumors that Mexico City, may also submit a bid.  Also in potential running are Dublin, Ireland and Beirut.

I also get asked the likelihood of World Youth Day coming back to the United States.  I imagine that if we have a chance in the next decade or so, our strongest contenders are Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota and the Archdiocese of  Galveston-Houston in Texas.

Now, as a Bay Area native, it would be a dream (and a small miracle) if World Youth Day were ever held in the City of St. Francis.  First, you would probably need to get the city government on board (good luck with that), and also you would need to find a suitable space for the closing Mass (perhaps the Presidio?).

Anyway, wouldn’t it be cool if the next host city of World Youth Day was chosen as the next host of a Mardi Gras party is chosen?  Get a special King Cake and whoever receives the slice with the little baby figurine hosts World Youth Day.

Well…it was either that or get the (arch)bishops to play rock, paper, scissors.